Other value-added services

Reception service

In business organizations, the reception desk is one of the most important services to welcome visitors and express the image of your organization. Our clients can receive customer services in the form of comprehensive asset management services and additional services.

Gardening services

We strive to provide products and services that are environmentally friendly and safe for human health. They take care of the public areas of the buildings and facilities they are responsible for, increase greenery and gardening, and contribute to reducing air pollution.

We have a flower cabinet run by a professional gardener at our office. We provide all kinds of flower seedlings, plantings and ornaments in our cabinets, and we also supply flower pots according to the customer's interests. We will carry out indoor and outdoor landscaping according to the client's approved interior design. Our service team can also take care of daily maintenance.

Home service

We provide comprehensive home cleaning services such as daily, weekly, monthly and one-time major cleaning. We send our company's reliable, friendly and skilled employees to our customers, provide them with cleaning products and tools that fully meet the requirements of hygiene and sanitation, and provide high quality services.

Security service

We work with TSEGTS LLC, a subsidiary of the Newcom Group, as part of a comprehensive asset management service and provide contract security services at a professional level.