Project management

The planning and construction project of offices, commercial spaces and complexes are our specialty. Currently we are involved in the development and construction of real estate and wind farm projects in Ulaanbaatar, Umnugovi and Dornogovi provinces, which are significantly contributing in to the infrastructure development of the local area.

In 2013, we built commercial and data center building named Darkhan Tedy in Darkhan city by contract with Mobicom Corporation. This building is 4 story, around 4000sqm building with commercial space for telecommunication service and 50+ capacity backup data center for Mobicom corporation and major banks. In 2018, our company has been awarded and working as a main contractor for Technical Center Building II project, which is 40 rack capacity modern data center building for Mobicom Corporation.

Also, we are proud of being part of premiere wind farm projects of Tsetsii (50MB) and Sainshand (55MB). In these projects, we had been selected as a contractor for construction monitoring and construction of turbine foundations.